Monday, 13 January 2014

Marston Marsh

We went for a walk round Marston Marsh yesterday afternoon. It was very boggy, parts were flooded, and even though there was ice on the water that hadn't melted, it was, for the time of year, quite mild. As we strolled along, I shot off half a roll of black and white film, hoping that at least one or two decent photographs would come out of it. It was all very picturesque.

There were lots of birds flitting about - tits and finches were chattering in the naked branches of the trees, and we stopped for a few minutes to listen to a song-thrush opening up his lungs to sing his song to the fading light, while a couple of crows were flying and tumbling in unison above the reeds, partners in airborne courtship dance.

We're only half-way through the winter, but already there seems to be subtle change in the season.

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