Saturday, 2 November 2013

The cuckold Ross Kemp, and the fall of David Cameron

You've got to admire Andy Coulson. If I was going to have an extra-marital affair, I sure as hell wouldn't have one with the wife of TV hard man Ross Kemp, because I'd be a marked man for the rest of my life. Coulson's six-year affair with Rebekah Brooks was made public during their trial for phone hacking, and has added yet another element to the whole sordid business. I wouldn't be surprised if Cameron and Osborne are called to give evidence, and if that's the case, it will mean the end of their political careers. Only connect. Cameron's claims that he wasn't aware of Coulson's and Brook's use of bugging are starting to look a little hollow, given that it now seems that the practice was endemic. Did Cameron receive information from Coulson and Brooks that was gained by phone hacking? Labour politicians had their calls intercepted - something which doesn't seemed to have happened to any Tories.

The whole thing stinks. It makes you wonder just who does run the country.
Anyway, here's a tango about it.

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