Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The world's favourite song about drug dependency

So, farewell Lou Reed. There's been a lot of airtime and column inches given over to his passing, and for people of my age (and a little older), he was something of an iconic figure. He couldn't really sing, couldn't play the guitar very well, but he did have an indefinable quality that made up for his lack of technical ability, and several of his songs have gone on to become classics.
A lot of his inspiration came from the seedier side of life - while most people recognise Walk on the Wild Side as being about a transvestite prostitute, not so many realise that Perfect Day extols the virtues of heroin, an unsettling hymn of dependency wrapped up in a beautiful, fragile song, which somehow manages to make everybody who listens to it happy.
Today has been played to death.

No prizes for guessing what the next number one single will be, then.

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