Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kelling Heath

We spent the afternoon on Kelling Heath, a strange landscape that has been inhabited by man for thousands of years. Knapped flint has been found here dating from mesolithic times, and there is evidence of early medieval industry as well. Because it is an area of high ground - a rare thing in Norfolk - it's likely that its always been a place of defence, and would have provided a look-out point with uninterrupted views all around.
Although I'm not a spiritual person, I think it's easy to see how this kind of place can make you feel more connected with nature - more heathen, in fact - and it seems to strike a chord in our psyche about belonging to something which actually transcends us. We're closer to the sky, the birdsong seems much more audible, and the constant electrical and mechanical hum which is the underlying soundtrack of our lives seems so much further away.

For a couple of hours on the heath, it seemed as though we'd stepped out of time. Perhaps we had. When we arrived back at the car, the light was just beginning to fade, and the afternoon had all but disappeared.

It feels as though winter is over.

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