Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stooky Bill

well, he picked me up in soho
and he took me to his flat
he sat me on his knee
and put his hand up my back
and he let me do the talking
and it gave him quite a thrill
I said I’m really pleased to meet you
and my name is Stooky Bill

he said I was his plaything
he said I was his muse
I could’ve gone with anyone
he couldn’t pick or choose
but I said we’d stick together
for good or for ill
you’ll never get away from me
and my name is Stooky Bill

I used to play the music halls
I’d see my name in lights
I lived out of a suitcase
a different town each night
a gottle of geer down my neck
until I had my fill
I could’ve been somebody
and my name is Stooky Bill

he said he was a bachelor
but he married late in life
and we all moved in together
me and him and wife
unhappy ever after
in a bungalow in Bexhill
I used to be on the TV
and my name is Stooky Bill

Stooky Bill is the name of the ventriloquist’s dummy that was used by the inventor John Logie Baird in the very first television transmission in 1926

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