Monday, 15 September 2014

The Tartan Divorce - a vote against the oligarchy

I don't have a vote in the Scottish Referendum, but if I did, I'd be inclined to cast it for the ayes, which I guess makes me one of those pesky Labour voters who are swinging towards a tartan divorce, and away from the party line. Of course, it would be a leap in the dark, both politically and economically, but the chance to stop being governed by the oligarchy which currently preside over us would be too tempting to pass up on - I only wish we had the same opportunity in this country.

A few years ago, my wife and I were staying in Edinburgh, and we visited the Scottish Parliament. It was in recess, and the security guard had gone to the loo, so we just walked in. It's a proper, modern, functional debating chamber, much more conducive to serious political debate than the bear-pit that is the Palace of Westminster. It made me wonder what British politics would be like if, by chance, the Houses of Parliament were to burn down again, and we had the chance to re-build them along the same lines as Holyrood, and jettison all the quasi-traditional junk with it. For a start, there'd be no filibusting - in Scotland, the MSPs have a set time to make their points, they have access to computers and information at their desks, and votes can be conducted immediately. It's all very 21st century, and democracy is a lot better for it.

We can but dream.

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