Monday, 29 July 2013

The World, The Flesh & The Devil

the city opens up before us
like a syphilitic whore spreading her legs
enticing us in with her enduring old charms
sweet nothings and empty promises…
and soon we’re caught in the drag net of light-trails
of speeding cars and run-down bars
of shops and cafes and flashing neon signs
saying open all night
down high streets and back streets we duck and we dive
from subways to stations
past chapels and brothels
and drunks in the gutter
past the junkies jacking up on the pavement
past the tin-whistler and the fight in the alley
and the shop window dummies
and the girls touting for business
well I’ve walked this world
walked every street from Kings Cross to the Reeperbahn
from the Damrak to the Zoo
and I’ve seen my reflection in every window
and every glazed eye
and at the bottom of every glass
and I’m still trying to find my way home

eshman - voice, field recordings & gramophonics

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