Sunday, 28 July 2013

Unhappy Days Are Here Again

think I'll stay in bed all day
there's nothing else to do
I'm just waiting for tomorrow and the dole
but tomorrow never comes
when you're on the bottom rung
and you're climbing up a ladder down a hole

unhappy days
are here again

dad sits home all day
nobody's bringing home the pay
sister Sue's about to drop another kid
the tv set's been re-posessed
and nothing seems to work round here
and we're running out of beer in the fridge

the factory's closing down
and they're running down the town
they say there's a mad dogma on the loose
now up above our heads
the skies are growing dark and dim
with all those chickens coming home to roost

we're just numbers on computers
we're just numbers on a screen
we're just dead small people leading dead small lives
we wake up in the morning
and we wish away the hours
we move around, then go to bed at night

unhappy days
are here again

eshman - junk guitar & voice

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