Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sarah "Scab" Montague's cosy chat with "Tommy Robinson"

The BBC has come in for criticism over an interview by Sarah "Scab" Montague on the Today programme this morning, with "Tommy Robinson", the leader, spokesman and founder of the English Defence League. It was a pretty lacklustre effort by Montague, who gave "Tommy" an unbelievably easy ride, letting him come across as an ordinary joe speaking up for the dis-enfranchised working-class. When he admitted that  he'd react violently to any EDL member causing trouble, Montague should have asked him about his history of violence and football hooliganism. She should have asked him about his imprisonment last year, and his forged passport. She should have asked him why he appears to have a number of aliases - his real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, but other AKAs are Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris. She should have asked him about his mortgage fraud, about beating his partner, about his arrest for kicking a cop in the head...

There was an awful lot of things that he should have been asked, but this morning we ended up listening to a party political broadcast on behalf of the EDL.

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