Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Pope to visit the Falkland Islands

So, just in time for Easter, we have a new pontiff, and an Argentinian one at that. Pope Frank is, like his predecessor, a right-wing bigot in a frock who hates abortionists, homosexuals, and progress in general. He's also a hard-line Jesuit, which means we could be seeing an extension of the Magdalene Laundry franchise throughout the catholic world. He's just the sort of leader the Church of Rome doesn't need, especially after the disaster of Benedict XVI's rule, and to be brutally frank (no pun intended), I really can't see the Catholic Church surviving much more than a couple of generations if its heirachy doesn't get its house in order and adapt to the global changes which are taking place, thanks to science and technology. However, that would be expecting them to embrace the concept of evolution, so I guess it's something of a non-starter.

Pope Frank now has the world at his feet. He's already received congratulations from Maradona, who tweeted the hand of God salutes you, and it's rumoured that his first papal visit will be to the Falkland Islands, where apparently in the past visiting nuns have been mistaken for penguins.

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