Wednesday, 27 March 2013

David Miliband and the Thunderbirds

So, farewell David Miliband - he's decided to stand down as an MP and move to Tracey Island, where he's to become the CEO of International Rescue, and the pilot of Thunderbird 3. Since he lost the Labour leadership election to his brother, he's been at something of a loose end, deliberately keeping out of the political fray so as not to rock the boat, but at the same time unable to carve out a role for himself in the post Blair/Brown era.

Of course, he had his chances, but in the end he lacked the killer instinct - and courage - to challenge Gordon Brown for the leadership before the last general election. If he had done so, there's a likelihood that Milliband would now be the Prime Minister of a Labour-Lib Dem coalition, and the country wouldn't be in the god-awful mess it's in today.

I wonder if that thought keeps him awake at night.

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