Friday, 1 June 2012

Jeremy Hunt - organ grinder's monkey and Culture Secretary

It was another bad day for the government yesterday. The unfortunately-named Jeremy Hunt Culture Secretary was up before the Leveson enquiry trying to explain away the supportive texts and e-mails sent by him and his office to the Murdochs, while simultaneously, in an effort to bury bad news, George Osborne announced yet another budget u-turn, this time over charitable donations. This comes at the end of a week which found the delightful Lady Wasi embroiled in an expenses scandal, which was noticeable for the fact that so few of her colleagues were prepared to speak up in support of her. It really is difficult to make all this up - I thought the Brown government was bad enough, stumbling from pratfall to pratfall, to such an extent that one almost started to feel sorry for them. This lot seem to be in a whole new league; there's an arrogance of privilege about them, and a determination to re-distribute wealth back towards their chums in the boardrooms and in the shires, and blaming society's ills on those at the bottom of the heap. It's been a very British revolution.

Last night, the Prime Minister gave Jeremy Hunt Culture Secretary his full backing, which is hardly surprising; however, what's becoming increasingly clear is that Cameron is the organ-grinder playing Murdoch's tune, while Hunt is little more than the monkey, and will be gone in a summer re-shuffle, before the Olympics.

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