Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Robin Gibb's wig, and the Lockerbie bomber

I guess it says something about the vacuity of the press when it devotes more time and column inches to the passing of a mediocre pop star with a terrible wig than it does to the death of the supposed Lockerbie bomber. We'll probably never know who really planted the bomb on Pan-Am Flight 103, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that it wasn't Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who seems to have been offered up as a fall-guy by the Libyans in order for the country to regain a degree of diplomatic acceptance (and with it, trade). Perhaps al-Megrahi and his family were paid a lot of money for him to take the rap, in the hope that when he was eventually released after twenty years he could live in secluded comfort back home in Libya on a state pension. Unfortunately for him, it didn't work out like that, and now that he's gone, the powers that be will find it easier to sweep all the inconvenient truths about this mass murder under the carpet.
Tony Blair, who was instrumental in persuading Colonel Gaddafi to hand over suspects connected to the atrocity, yesterday sent his condolences to the family of Robin Gibb.

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