Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ed Milliband's rite of passage

There comes a time in every political leader's career, not long after they take over the leadership of their party, when they undertake a self-imposed rite of passage by deliberately picking an argument with those who put them in their position. Cameron did it by turning on his chums in the City, although they soon kissed and made up, and normal service was quickly resumed. Now Ed Milliband has had a spat with the unions over Labour's decision to abide by the Coalition's spending cuts, and things are starting to get rancorous. It's as if Labour feel the need to pander to the right-wing red-tops instead of having the courage of their convictions and putting forward a viable and more humane economic alternative to Osborne's cock-eyed fiscal policies. A lot of the public sector workers who marched against the cuts will be feeling badly let down (again) by the Labour leadership, and that is the reason why the party is opposition. If Labour continue to piss off the very people the party was formed to stand up for, then they're going to be out of power for an awfully long time.

Milliband needs to discover his political backbone. If he doesn't, the Tories will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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