Monday, 28 November 2011

Lakenham by-election won by domestic goddess

Sue, a fellow Sacred Plotter and domestic goddess, has just been elected again as a county councillor for the Lakenham ward in Norwich South. She used to be the leader of the Labour group at County Hall, but  lost her seat during the Brown years of decline. Now she's won it back, which probably means she won't be doing any more weeding at the allotment.
It'll be interesting to see how Sue fits in on the Council. She's never been one to call a spade a portable hand-held soil aerator, and doesn't suffer fools gladly, especially when they belong to opposing political parties - or even her own. The year she was beaten, Labour lost most of their seats to the Greens and Lib Dems, mostly as an anti-Gordon Brown vote, and the Greens ended up being the dominant Norwich party on the County Council. This was a complete shock to most of them, as they won seats they hadn't expected to - and since then they've been hopelessly out of their depth and totally ineffectual as a major opposition party. My guess is that a lot of the councillors who unexpectedly won last time will be glad when their term is at an end, and won't seek re-election, with Labour clawing back a lot of the seats it lost. In the meantime, Sue will no doubt be in her element, hurling insults and heckling all and sundry, and at least providing an audible voice of opposition.

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