Monday, 31 October 2011

Blur drummer ate my crisps, says wife

Norwich South Labour Party is currently in the process of choosing a candidate to stand at the next election, and it's proving to be quite an interesting race. There's four candidates who have been shortlisted: a local TV reporter, the drummer from Blur, a local City Councillor, and somebody from London who I've never heard of. They all seem quite admirable people, and I'm sure any of them would make a decent MP, but I actually feel sorry for them having to go through the rigmarole of canvassing and flesh-pressing in all its various forms, and pretending to be all things to all men. However, while I think it would be interesting to have a famous drummer representing me in Parliament (he did once eat nearly a whole bag of my wife's crisps at a fund-raising event), I'm supporting Victoria MacDonald, the City Councillor (who as far as I know has never eaten any of my wife's crisps), because she's the most political out of the lot of them, and because I think it's vital that we have a compassionate and campaigning MP who can stand up for ordinary people against some of the rash and ill-considered measures that this Government has brought in.

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